Public Worker School

In the world of fighting corruption and illegality, «NON STOP» is a place for those who are ready to make a difference.

We have years of systematic of corruption in all areas:

  • Check icohumanitarian aid
  • Check icobudgets
  • Check icotaxes
  • Check icodigital crimes (cyber and crypto fraud)
  • Check icofinancial frauds and pyramid schemes
  • Check icoecology
  • Check icowork of military enlistment offices
  • Check icocriminals from other different fields: from high-ranking officials and law enforcement officers to entrepreneurs, bloggers and public figures

Public Worker School

We have faced a variety of challenges and difficult situations. We are constantly being harassed and tried to give up, but we are not backing down.

We investigate schemes worth millions of dollars involving criminals from various industries.

We are gaining momentum and continue to make efforts to fight against corruption and crime.

And now we are launching the “Public Figure School”, where we will share our experience and knowledge.

We teach how to:

  • check ico analyze open data
  • check ico make requests to state bodies
  • check ico conduct social networks
  • check ico fight against pressure and interference in public activities

As part of our platform, we also develop partnerships and mutual assistance between investigators, activists and organizations in all fields.

Join NON STOPand join the group of those who fight corruption and illegality. Because the truth always wins!

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