20.05.2024 PSYOP

Volunteers embezzling humanitarian aid and donations to the Armed Forces. Ordered media wars from offended officials

Media resources known for their “crystal clear reputation” (if you can call them that) have spread a stunning exposé of the activities of activist and head of the NGO “Non-Stop” Kyrylo Yakovets and his wife. It was about the theft of humanitarian aid in Kharkiv and the region, the collection of donations for the Armed Forces and the subsequent spending of such funds on a “luxurious life.”

The video used personal photos from social networks and elements of surveillance of the couple.

Investigators and whistleblowers of Non-Stop were only enough to create a 1-minute video. Apparently, they could not come up with more nonsense.

After watching the short video, it becomes obvious that it was made for hire. There are no facts, no confirmations, except for a fuzzy voiceover, whose speech is poorly corrected in some places.

What’s interesting?

The main highlight of the video was the information that Kyryl Yakovets and his wife were involved in the theft of humanitarian aid on a particularly large scale. However, the authors did not take into account several, BUT, such as the fact that the activist was indeed active as a volunteer, but only in the first months after the start of the full-scale invasion. At a time when local officials Terekhov and Syniehubov were cowering in bomb shelters, sometimes taking the subway to meet with Kharkiv residents and promote themselves.

After volunteering became a “trend” and a manifestation of hype and PR, Yakovets stopped volunteering and returned to human rights activism. Therefore, the activist is now focused on fighting the authorities and corruption, and not on his own misappropriation of humanitarian aid.

The pseudo-journalists even conducted surveillance and filmed footage of the Yakovets’ personal life. Well done, they wasted a day of their lives, instead of spending it in a really productive and useful way. It would have been better if they had found and filmed those who first damaged and then set fire to the activist’s car. In that case, we would have been grateful for the valuable information.

Comments from Non-Stop

Such attention from the media, although not very popular and interesting, is very pleasant for us. Free advertising will make everyone happy, especially when you know how much the opponent’s budget was spent. Well, thank you for your attention. It is another signal that we are moving in the right direction.

By the way, one of the disseminators of information about the activist was the anonymous telegram channel Sheptun. Earlier, this resource also published information about Non-Stop, which contained complete slander and was not supported by any data. Meanwhile, the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council called for not trusting the information from the Sheptun channel, which is disguised as a patriotic resource, and not spreading it. According to the CPD, this telegram channel is part of the Russian propaganda distribution network.

As one of the materials says: “More than a year ago, the SSU found that Sheptun was administered by collaborator A. Davydchenko, who later hid from Ukrainian investigators in unrecognized Transnistria. After the public exposure of the administrator and his ties to the Russian Federation, the channel continued to operate, mixing neutral publications with pro-Russian ones.”

So should we believe the “original source” of all the dirt?

Customers of the “naked truth”

Non-Stop does not have exact information about the initiator of the media war, but there are some assumptions. For example, the handwriting of one of Kharkiv’s ex-officials and friends of Mayor Terekhov is visible. The one who, during the war, acquired a house in Spain and corporate rights in a number of legal entities in Poland.

Representatives of NON-STOP know Anna Kuznetsova personally and know a lot of interesting information. However, why disclose confidential information? But Anna, apparently, being far from her native place, still lost her grip and cold mind and decided to take revenge for the publication of the official declaration. Which everyone can see on the NAZK portal.

But these are just our guesses, which have the right to live…

Watch the video to learn more about the wealth of Terekhov’s entourage during the war.

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