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The SBU sold out to Opposition Platform – For the life of the Abramovic-Stolar clan? How, in the 3rd year of the war, the government is working in the interests of traitors

While some are defending the country at the front at the cost of their own lives, carrying out measures to purge traitors and collaborators inside the country, others, on the contrary, continue to work for traitors in the interests of Russia. 

And even after more than 2 years of full-scale invasion, top officials are lobbying for the interests of pro-Russian oligarchs and MPs. Just recall the story of the daughter of the former mayor of Poltava, Mamai, who in 2022-2023 cooperated with Putin’s party while living and doing business in Ukraine. Or ex-MP Iryna Sysoyenko, who organised a scheme to evade mobilisation during the war and managed to make almost $100,000 in profit. At the same time, she was released on bail – UAH 900,000 – a few hours after her arrest. 

Do you think women could have done this alone, without the help of law enforcement and top officials? I doubt it, because then such schemes would have been exposed faster and more effectively. And not after almost 3 years with a rapidly fading resonance and interest.

This is probably the principle that our Security Service of Ukraine uses. In the interests of the traitors – Opposition Platform – For the Life of Abramovich and Stolar – they are clearing out the undesirables, that is, those who cover the activities of pro-Russian business structures, corruption and internal agreements.  But first, some background.

Car arson, beatings and surveillance

In June 2023, special technical devices were found inside the car of the head of the NGO “Non-Stop” Kyrylo Yakovets to listen to and monitor the movement of the vehicle. In August, the same car was damaged by unknown persons, in particular: side mirrors were smashed, numerous scratches were made, and the wheels were punctured. In November, the vehicle was set on fire, which is still under investigation. It is worth noting that the car is still under arrest, which means that no one can receive insurance compensation. On 20 December 2023, Kyrylo Yakovets was attacked, resulting in minor injuries. 

Investigations into each of these situations are still ongoing. It is obvious that law enforcement officers are not interested in actually bringing the perpetrators to justice and exposing the truth. 

Mobilisation evasion

On 23 December 2023, on the basis of a statement by the head of the NGO “Sorry to be alive”, the Security Service of Ukraine registered in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations under No. 22023220000001689 a criminal offence under Article 336 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine by the head of the NGO “Non-Stop” K. Yakovets. It is “Evasion of conscription for military service during mobilisation, for a special period, for military service by conscription of persons from among reservists during a special period”. 

And here are a few questions. 

Let’s start with procedural issues. According to the Criminal Procedure Code, the law places a clear list of criminal offences under the jurisdiction of the SBU investigators. These are crimes that can cause great damage to state security. These include, in particular, investigations into espionage, high treason, collaboration, encroachment on the constitutional order and territorial integrity of Ukraine, war crimes, disclosure of state secrets, terrorist crimes, etc.

Moreover, Article 216 of the Code contains a clear list of such articles. But for some reason, it does not include Article 336 of the Criminal Code. This means that the jurisdiction was violated. That is, either the SBU violated the procedural law, or the Office of the Prosecutor General independently determined the jurisdiction in this case, which we have no information about.

In addition, wonder what “draft evasion” is all about? Where is the objective side? Where are the facts about the unlawful refusal to undergo a military medical examination, for example? What is the corpus delicti? Or did the SBU professionals decide to ignore the general part of the Criminal Code and not investigate this? This is not professional at all…

What’s next?

As we can see, after more than six months of investigation, law enforcement officers have not been able to investigate anything and identify the real elements of the crime along with the socially dangerous act. Therefore, we decided to take the next step – to merge all the data obtained during the covert investigative actions of the NGO “Sorry to be Alive”. 

I wonder whether the head of the SBU, Vasyl Malyuk, is aware of the methods used by his subordinates and the way they disregard the law in the interests of oligarchic clans of traitors.  Why do some law enforcement officers allow themselves to defame the reputation of the entire system?

Currently, there is an active campaign to discredit the activities of the NGO “Non-Stop”. The paid-for articles have already been distributed to “independent journalistic” resources. Including telegram channels. For example, the anonymous source Sheptun, which quoted Kremlin propagandists, posted disinformation “insights” and fakes and was officially recognised as a racist by the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Security and Defence Council’s Centre for Countering Disinformation, also published an article about the NGO Non-Stop. 

Moreover, this material was “published” immediately after the publication of a video dedicated to Stolar’s return to Kyiv’s construction industry and his fight with Komarnitsky for the status of a “grey cardinal”.

Therefore, we send a special greeting to the media and PR people of Stolar and Abramovich’s Monaco Battalion and their harbourer Arahamia (who was recently spotted in Amsterdam), who even created a separate banner with the Non-Stop logo that we allegedly distributed to discredit our NGO. However, you should work on your imagination and Photoshop skills.

We repeat it once again: NGO Non-Stop has never opposed mobilisation. We only want to ensure that all actions related to it take place within the framework of the law, and not under pressure or violence. We are against CORRUPTION, bribery of doctors of the Military Medical Commission and the Territorial Recruitment Centre. We stand for legality and justice in matters of mobilisation.

Therefore, do not believe the next PSYOP, especially telegram channels that are officially recognised as collaborators.

And we are frankly disappointed in the performance of some law enforcement officers. We are asking Vasyl Malyuk to conduct internal investigations and identify those who continue to work for the oligarchs of the Russian Federation and traitors to Ukraine.  

We have also started our own fight. It is time to teach the security forces not to take funds and not to act in the interests of the Opposition Platform – For Life. Therefore, we sent materials outlining the circumstances and qualifying criminal offences under Articles 170, 368, 369, 397 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Did you witness a crime?

Let us know about it. We will help protect the violated rights!

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