08.06.2024 Construction Corruption Kyiv

People are homeless and Klitschko is robbing the budget. How did Kyivmiskbud come to be controlled by Komarnitsky and Molchanova?

A new scheme has been uncovered: a criminal group seized real estate of Kyivmiskbud worth over UAH 282 million. According to law enforcement, the suspects include the owner of a group of companies, who is the organizer, the director of one of these companies, an employee of the State Tax Service, and the head of a bank branch. 

The figurants acted according to the following scheme: first, without the developer’s knowledge, they sold property rights to real estate in the construction queues using forged documents, and then sold these rights to controlled persons. In their turn, a tax officer and the head of a department of a state bank branch provided inside information that helped pull off the scam. 

Thus, the group received property worth more than UAH 282 million. The organizer, the owner of the group of companies, is already in custody. In addition, the court imposed on him a preventive measure in the form of detention with the right to post UAH 282,500,000 bail. It is surprising that this time the bail was proportional to the amount of loot, because, as practice shows, judges like to set a meager amount that suspects can pay in 1 day.

Briefly about Kyivmiskbud

The developer has 22 unfinished residential complexes in Kyiv and more than 20,000 defrauded investors waiting for their homes. In addition, Kyivmiskbud has undertaken to complete Ukrbud’s facilities, which has worsened the situation on the construction market many times over. 

The  Kyivmiskbud rescue commission proposed that the Kyiv City State Administration allocate UAH 2 billion from the budget to complete the projects, or rather, to implement identical schemes to the one that was recently exposed.

In addition, “the Temporary Control Commission of the Kyiv City Council recommended that the KCSA and its structural units purchase real estate, including housing and social infrastructure, from Kyivmiskbud in the amounts stipulated by the main results of financial forecasting, as well as consider the possibility of additional capitalization of the company.”

We remind you: 80% of the company’s shares are owned by the territorial community of Kyiv. Since 2014, the Board and the company itself have been controlled by Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

After Igor Kushnir was fired, Vasyl Oliynyk, a member of the entourage of Vlada Molchanova, the “queen of Kyiv real estate,” became the new head of the developer. In addition, the top management of Kyivmiskbud is now under the full control of the “gray cardinal” Denys Komarnytsky. 

We have already written that Molchanova and Komarnitsky have created their own building cartel in the capital. At the same time, Kyivmiskbud has become an example of coordinated cooperation between developers to seize the city’s budget. We will tell more about Kyivmiskbud and the “watchdogs” of Kyiv in the upcoming investigation.

Analysis of the activities of Kyivmiskbud

Expenditures. In total, PrJSC “HC “Kyivmiskbud” received 4,530 services from 131 companies for a total amount of UAH 844,151,593.3 in the period 2022-2023. Among the largest contractors: 

  • Subsidiary company Medical Scientific and Practical Association “Medbud” of PrJSC “HC “Kyivmiskbud” – 2 agreements for the provision of services for land payment and lease for a total amount of UAH 1,361,464.13.
  • Joint Stock Company “Design and Technology Institute “Kyivvorgbud” – 34 agreements for the provision of services for reimbursement of water supply and sewerage costs, lease of premises for a total amount of UAH 125,686.4.
  • Svitlana Kovalska Reinforced Concrete Structures Plant Joint Stock Company – 2 agreements for the provision of services for commodity and transportation costs, sale of concrete mix for a total amount of UAH 745,077.92.

In terms of income, for the period 2022-2023, Kyivmiskbud provided 7638 services: to itself, a non-taxpayer, and 75 other enterprises for a total amount of UAH 4,944,457,618, including:

  • A non-taxpayer – 6,270 agreements on dormitory rent, reimbursement of expenses (real estate), production of technical passports, and lease of premises for a total amount of UAH 4,100,141,551.
  • PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY “KIEVMISKBUD” HOLDING COMPANY – 452 agreements for apartments, storerooms, apartments and bicycle facilities for a total amount of UAH 72,852,964.03.
  • PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY “KIEVMISKBUD HOLDING COMPANY” – 5 agreements for apartments for the total amount of: UAH 4,673,417.47.

We sent detailed analysis to law enforcement and regulatory authorities. In addition, we drafted and sent complaints to banking institutions, including: National Bank of Ukraine, PJSC “UKRSOTSBANK”, JSB “UKRGASBANK”, CMF PJSC “USB” Kyiv, PJSC “CRYSTALBANK”, JSC “UkrSibbank”, PJSC “ASVIO BANK”.

As a result: The Pechersk District Prosecutor’s Office registered the information in the URPTI under No. 42023102060000233, Part 4 of Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

We are continuing our efforts. We are working to ensure that investors receive their own housing, which they have been waiting for for years. 

What does Mayor Klitschko, the “chief controller” of Kyivmiskbud, think about the company’s activities?

Did you witness a crime?

Let us know about it. We will help protect the violated rights!

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