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Falling bridges, disappearance of billions of budget: what’s happening in Kyiv

A bridge has collapsed in Kyiv. And this is not the IPSO that Mayor Klitschko was talking about, but the real situation in the capital on a typical weekday. 

The pedestrian sidewalk on the bridge on Zhylianska Street – Povitroflotskyi overpass collapsed. Ruslan Kandybor, Director of the Department of Transport Infrastructure of the Kyiv City State Administration, immediately arrived at the scene and stated that the bridge was last inspected in 2020 and that it was not expected to be dangerous. And also a servant of the people, Vitaliy Bezgin, who immediately began shouting about the inaction of local authorities. It seems that the PR people of the servants of the people are also actively working.

This time, Mayor Klitschko did not give an interview. Either he was so busy, or he simply decided to avoid the wave of questions whose potential content is obvious to everyone. Earlier, at a session of the Kyiv City Council, Klitschko proudly declared that all statements about the danger of bridge collapse were IPSO. Quite a truthful fake, isn’t it?

Sometimes it seems that the mayor of Kyiv does not care about municipal problems at all. His focus is exclusively on resolving land issues in terms of dividing Kyiv between the largest developers – Komarnitsky, Stolar and Molchanova. 

Of course, Klychko is also interested in budgetary issues. How to allocate another 90 million for the completion of the Podilskyi Bridge by Komarnytskyi’s structures, or how to hide the fraudulent appropriation of the Osokorky Ecopark. 

The local authorities are completely indifferent to the weekly rallies near the Kyiv City State Administration and the complaints of citizens. Moreover, they know that Klitschko personally already has a luxurious house in Hamburg, Germany, where he can quickly hide in case of noise and public dissatisfaction. That’s all you need to know about the Kyiv authorities’ desire to improve the life of the capital.

And all the subway floods and bridge collapses are just another racist IPSO. Get used to it. In the future, this will be heard from politicians more and more often. 

Learn more about the communal chaos in the capital, construction wars, and the process of land distribution and influence between the “gray cardinals” and the “watchers” in the video.

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