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Everyone will fight. Manipulations with mobilization reservations

The Office of the President of Ukraine abandoned the idea of the so-called “economic reservation” from mobilization. The expected tax increase has to some extent influenced the fact that this idea will not be implemented.

Sources also say that it was decided to abandon this idea because the General Staff fears that “economic reservation” will not solve the problem of staff shortages, will be perceived as an official payoff from mobilization and will only cause a negative reaction in the army.


Not so long ago, Hetmantsev (Head of the Verkhovna Rada Finance Committee) announced the opening of opportunities for “white businesses” to hire employees who are liable for military service.

According to him, the selection for the “White Business Club” would be entirely subjective and would depend on the percentage tax burden, employee remuneration, and the absence of tax violations.

What’s next?

Opinions of business representatives on the criteria for selecting “white companies”:

“From the rubric of expectations/reality or cry of the soul. My nerves just can’t take it anymore. Every word is just an outright lie.

  1. Regarding the fact that “white business” should have a percentage tax burden at or above the industry average. We can forget about such a concept as an industry. This concept is practically absent now, compared to peacetime. Rather, it is import/production here. And we understand where the costs are higher. Some products had not been produced in Ukraine before the war, and we had to develop them. We are aware of the delivery times for similar products from China or that they used to come from Russia.
  2. It is impossible to book employees using quest codes, because we do not engage in camel jumping (preferably in a traveling circus), which is the main engine of our economy.
  3. Regarding the fact that the salary should be at least the average for the industry in the region. Of course, the salaries of workers are at the same level, because everyone works and all workers see and understand the complexities better than these miracles from the news.
  4. Is it the absence of tax violations? Is it a pass through desk audits and bribes? When the reports are submitted on time, the VAT has been paid all year, and you have not missed registration for a single day while sitting without electricity? What about the land and real estate tax? In Kharkiv, land is no longer worth so much, they cancel it for a quarter and everyone should be happy. Otherwise, they could have cut the budget, but they spared you, the citizens, so be happy. With other expenses and in our realities, it is simply impossible to work like this. In reality, it is possible for big uncles, whose sums may be of interest to the highest officials of the tax authorities. The above is even more suspicious against the background of the recent visit of the State Bureau of Investigation and the bribe of one of the key people in the Kharkiv tax office. “The $50 bribe for de-risking is there, the SBI is there, no news. Everything went quietly, they shuffled the train and moved on. For bail. By the way, 3 million was found quickly.
  5. On the difficulties of working with our TCC, where everyone is fit, 5-7 people a day go through the area with a list in a notebook. In addition to the “buses,” 40 people pass through in an hour. By the way, we already have an appointment for mid-June, promptly. It takes 3 times longer than it takes to receive finished products after an order at my company.

And I understand perfectly well how they solved the issue of booking Favbet, Glovo, it’s clear there. But it is still not clear what to do for small businesses. Your transparency will be hampered by the first analysis, your tax burden will be hampered by the preference for imports and the total destruction of industries that are more complex than “pump gas/make cigarettes-pay excise duty”. Or they will organize a few new postgraduate programs for themselves, there are opportunities there. And there is no understanding of the processes. Thank you if you read this longread, it is unlikely that it will change anything, but with such news, I have less and less strength every day. You can condemn me, talk about ipso. If there is a war, I would like to understand that the enemy is from the east, not from all sides.”

Without a change in the reservation system, the precarious balance between the army’s need for people and the budget’s need for money is collapsing. Hiding from mobilization, men break off official labor relations. As a result, tax revenues are falling. The state loses twice: it loses money to maintain the army and cannot replenish it with new recruits.

Businesses are already seeing these trends.

The likelihood of mobilization affects the work of enterprises. Many employees with military obligations are ready to quit, and new ones are not officially employed, as official status increases the chances of mobilization.

What do you think about the idea of economic reservation from mobilization?

Did you witness a crime?

Let us know about it. We will help protect the violated rights!

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