05.06.2024 Corruption

Betrayal by Nayem and Miller. How the Nayyems frame their own lawyers and partners

Yesterday, the media reported the news: “The NABU and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office exposed lawyer Oleksiy Nosov, a member of the Miller law firm, on an attempt to bribe a detective and a prosecutor in the amount of $200,000.” 

In this way, Nosov tried to resolve the case of Ihor Kolomoisky’s business partner, Mykhailo Kiperman. This is a case of seizure of electricity from the Private Joint Stock Company NPC Ukrenergo and legalization of funds received from its sale in the amount of UAH 716 million. The $200,000 offered by Nosov was supposed to be used to change the jurisdiction in Kiperman’s case, i.e. to transfer it to another law enforcement agency. 

Miller’s response to the partner’s actions

Coming back to Oleksiy Nosov, who until recently was a member of Miller Law Firm, his actions were qualified under Part 3 of Article 369 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. And the exposure of the actions was accompanied by quick searches in the Miller office. 

By the way, Miller’s representatives immediately disowned their own managing partner, stating that they had severed relations with Nosov and were cooperating with the investigation. And this is only at the stage of suspicion of committing a crime. At the same time, judging by the text on the company’s official website, no one has even contacted Nosov, and the company has already decided to sever relations with him. They disowned their partner as quickly as they had done with their own client. And they stated in advance that they would not defend Nosov either procedurally or publicly.  Therefore, even a fool can understand that Miller will do the same with all its clients and partners.

How did Masi Nayyem react to the actions of a lawyer from his own company?

He wrote a post about how much pain he was in, saying that he supported the team’s decision. And then he mentioned the pain again. The comments of professional lawyers under Masi’s post speak for themselves. It’s a stupid leak and a betrayal of their own. It means they have no one of their making.

We assume that Nayemov’s participation in Nosov’s case is inevitable. It is unlikely that the lawyer took the money and went to negotiate Kiperman’s case on his own, which is actually more about image than money.

Most likely, Mustafa Nayyem Sr. guaranteed safety, and the younger Masi gave guarantees to Nosov, sending him away because he was afraid to go to the negotiations himself…

This is not the first scandal involving Miller. For example, one of the company’s attorneys, on the interests of the developer Taryan Group, threatened and pressured the investor of the NVER residential complex to agree to the developer’s terms. As a result, only Arthur Mkhitaryan, headed by Taryan, is the winner. Learn more about Taryan Group’s activities, the Nayyem conspiracy, and the destruction of real estate, fortifications, and energy infrastructure in the video.

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