21.06.2024 Cybercrimes

Beating a military man and raiding offices in Dnipro: Tyshchenko’s journey

Nikolai Tishchenko’s bodyguards beat a special forces soldier. But first things first. 


Kolya Tyshchenko, or “Cutlet” as he is known online, came to Dnipro with a special mission to expose call centers that allegedly deceive Ukrainians, mothers of military personnel, and the defenders themselves. In short, Tyshchenko played on emotions and manipulated the most painful issues in order to get at least a small share of support from his compatriots. 

The servant of the people was accompanied by a whole delegation of men in military uniforms and balaclavas, because Kolya himself is afraid to walk the streets, and for good reason… In addition, the MP arrived in a real motorcade of several black minibuses and cars.  

In the evening, Tyshchenko said that in cooperation with the prosecutor’s office and the National Police, he had managed to expose 10 addresses of the large “Network 9”, which has more than 100 bot farms throughout Ukraine. The people behind it are: Ihor Khromov, Zurab Lakishvili, Maksym Khomko, Kostenko Kostiantyn. They are the main fraudsters who have a cover in the authorities, and the network’s earnings are estimated at millions of dollars.

But later it turned out that Kolya Tyshchenko did not tell us something. For example, that the targets of his raid were call centers that work for Russians. It has long been known that it is quite profitable to skim Russians nowadays, so the earnings of one office can amount to millions of dollars. This means that such networks will be 100% able to accept the terms of Kohli’s constant. 

Beating a soldier

Later, a video was posted online showing unidentified men in balaclavas (members of the MP’s personal security) snatching a one-year-old child from the man’s arms, handcuffing him and beating him. The same target of aggression was Dmytro Pavlov, a resident of Dnipro who, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, has voluntarily joined the Armed Forces, served in the KRAKEN special forces unit, and fought in fierce battles, including in the Kharkiv region.

According to media reports, Pavlov got into a dispute with Mykola Tyshchenko and his bodyguards. The latter decided to take revenge and commit an attack together.

We believe that it is up to the law enforcement agencies, which have already initiated criminal proceedings. Why did Tyshchenko imagine himself omnipotent and allow himself to do whatever he wanted? And why did everyone so quickly forget about the constant and billions of dollars of his alleged ex-wife’s wealth and the property she suddenly acquired before the divorce? Isn’t the beating of a serviceman the very red line that the Servant of the People crossed?

Although all the media are shouting that the MP will definitely be punished, some doubts arise. After all, we’ve already seen the same trick when two other MPs, Artem Dmytruk and Oleksandr Kunytskyi, beat up a military man and a criminal case was “registered” against them. And what? And nothing.

What’s next?

Nothing, it seems. For a few days, a video of Tishchenko’s raid and his procession through call centers will be circulating online. Kolya himself will boast about the results of the “exposure” of Network 9. And then the attention of Ukrainians will be focused on completely different things, allowing the MP to fly around (if it hasn’t already happened) the network of institutions. And other groups will take over the influence on the “exposed” network.

Law enforcement officers will once again receive 10-15 thousand dollars from the office and continue to cover up the activities of such institutions. No one is interested in shutting down fraudulent offices in Ukraine as long as they bring real profit.

And the innovations of the Verkhovna Rada (we are talking about the draft law No. 10190, which provides for the addition of new articles to the Criminal Code to combat electronic fraud: Electronic communication fraud (190-1), Creation, management of an electronic communication fraudulent organization, as well as participation in it (255-4), Involvement in participation in an electronic communication fraudulent organization) will not affect the already established process of vilification. 

Such circus performers as Kolya Tyshchenko only tarnish the reputation of the security forces and the Ukrainian government as a whole. How does Kotleta still hold a parliamentary mandate? 

Where is the real fight against the so-called black call centers – fraudsters who deceive people by obtaining personal data? Or, as usual, is it just more talk and no action? 

Call center networks are taking over Ukraine

One of the thousands of examples of fraudulent institutions profiting from Ukrainians during the war is a group of call centers in the Solomyansky district of Kyiv controlled by the Konovalenko family. They are located at 23 Hryhorii Hulyanytskoho Street (formerly Moskovska Street), 4th and 5th floors and 23 Kniaziv Ostrozkykh Street, Kyiv, on the 4th and 5th floors of a building that uses Internet service providers to defraud people both in Ukraine and abroad.

Law enforcement officials are well aware of the spread of Konovalenko’s call center network in the capital, but for obvious reasons, they are in no hurry to cover up their activities. It has become known from our own sources that the monthly fee for silence and inaction of law enforcement officers is about 15 thousand dollars.

The Office of the Prosecutor General, what about criminal proceedings No. 42024102100000092 under Part 1 of Article 364 of the Criminal Code (Shevchenkivskyi District Prosecutor’s Office in Kyiv), No. 12023100090002299 under Parts 3, 4 of Article 190 of the Criminal Code (Solomianskyi Department of the Kyiv City Police) and dozens of others?

Or, for example, offices in the Pechersk district of Kyiv, in particular at the following addresses in Kyiv: 23 Knyaziv Ostrozkykh St. on the 4th and 5th floors of the building, 1-3/2 Basina St. in the shopping center “Arena City”, Klovsky Descent, 7 BC Carnegie. Basina 1-3/2 in the shopping center “Arena City”, Klovskyi Uzviz, 7-A, Carnegie Business Center (11th floor), 15 Leipzigska St., Building B (6th floor), Mechnikova St. 2A, PARUS Business Center (9, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 21, 28 floors), Knyazev Ostroh Str. 8B, Sapphire Business Center (6th and 10th floors), Mykhailo Hrushevskoho Street, 9B, Parkova Road (2.4 floors), 36D Yevhenia Konovaltsia Street, Volna Business Center, Building C (2-5 floors), 26A Lesia Ukrainky Boulevard (9th floor), 13A Leipzitska Street (6th floor), 3A Baryshevska Street, 37/1 Vasylia Tyutyunnyk Street (medical building) and others? 

Why isn’t the Pechersk District Prosecutor’s Office investigating the proceedings under Article 191, Part 4 of the Criminal Code, initiated on the basis of our materials?

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