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Abramovich-Kuzmin’s corrupt scum seized Kharkiv

The main characters

Serhiy Kuzmin is one of the deputies of Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov, who, according to his website: “ensures the implementation of state and local policy in the field of digitalization, digital development, digital innovations, and the creation of conditions for ensuring the rights of members of the city’s territorial community to use telecommunications and communication networks.”

In fact, Kuzmin has a difficult task on his shoulders – solving the city’s land and construction issues. It is Sergiy Kuzmin and his controlled entities that local entrepreneurs “thank” in cash for the installation of kiosks and allocation of land plots. After all, only Kuzmin can give a damn about urban planning regulations and business permits. At the same time, Igor Terekhov, the supposedly chief city manager, is powerless against the influence of his deputy’s charisma.

And not only his deputy. After all, everyone has long known in whose interests Kuzmin is so diligently taking over the management blanket. It was to Igor Abramovich that Kuzmin flew to Vienna last year to report on the city’s affairs. And it is Abramovich who is the “father” of Kharkiv’s money schemes. However, Mayor Terekhov (who is also controlled by the Monaco oligarch) still cannot accept this division of roles.

In his “farewell speech,” Kuzmin assured his subordinates of Terekhov’s “powerlessness,” called him “nobody,” and noted his negligible share in management decisions. Instead, Kuzmin also warned that “his people” (Shevchenko, Som, Pazimenko, Shvydkyi) would still be in Kharkiv. He could not leave the city (especially a rather profitable one) without control.

How the Kuzmins withdraw money to Russia

And while one Kuzmin is fostering corruption in Kharkiv, the other has taken Kyiv and the subway in his thrall.

Over the years, the corrupt tandem of Russian citizen Serhiy Kuzmin and Herman Blinov stole billions of hryvnias through two shell companies, Spetsproekt-Invest LLC and Kyivmetrotonelstroy LLC. In particular, the money was transferred to Russia, which was actively pursued by the owner of the passport, Sergey Viktorovich Kuzmin, as the media repeatedly reported.

The most scandalous of the scams was the so-called construction of the metro line to Vynohradar, where, according to Bihus.info, Kuzmin-Blinov’s company Kyivmetrotunnelstroy, along with others, stole about UAH 350 million in 2022. The same company also stole funds that were supposed to be used to build a line from Syrets station to Vynohradar. At that time, UAH 4 billion was allocated from the city budget, but the work was only 60% complete. The money was supposed to be used to buy materials for the construction of the subway line, but it turns out that the company transferred the money as interest-free aid to a number of gasket companies.

The law enforcement officers are convinced that the transfer of funds to the accounts of the shell companies Kyivmetrotunnelstroy, Spetsproekt-Invest and others belonging to the Kuzmin-Blinov tandem, as well as their subsequent cashing out, was carried out with the aim of distributing them among the participants in the scheme.

Аpple never falls far from the tree

As you can see, Kuzmin’s environment is similar to his own. His father and best friend are ruining the capital’s budget, so it is not surprising that the youngest of the family decided to move to the capital.

What does Mayor Terekhov himself think about such actions of his subordinate?

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