Investors Protection

The modern world, including the digital one, is flooded with various types of fraud. While some people want to get rich as quickly as possible by any means, others suffer from losing their last.

That’s why we start counteracting fraudulent call centers, pyramid schemes and digital crimes such as Binomo and Forex, which promise huge profits and then rip you off.

We know how to influence builders, developers, and investment companies that sell non-existent real estate or complete construction at the pit stage, leaving people alone with fictitious shares and securities.

We are able to influence banks, payment systems, crypto exchanges and exchanges, and drop services that help fraudsters receive, convert, conceal and store victims’ funds.

Some details about the Association’s activities:

  • check ico we help both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.
  • check ico we do not work alone, but rather have established and proven relationships with law enforcement, including foreign law enforcement, technical and cyber specialists, and international organizations in the field of combating financial fraud, cybercrime and money laundering.

And while you are thinking about whether to contact the Association, we have already managed to return hundreds of thousands of lost funds to their owners, as well as to help identify and prosecute fraudsters.