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Currently, Sinegubov is the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration and, at the same time, one of the leaders of criminal schemes for massive embezzlement of humanitarian aid from partner countries and devastation of the regional budget under the guise of restoring Kharkiv region, which suffered from Russian aggression.


Sinegubov served for a long time in the bodies of internal affairs in the city of Kharkiv, and later built a good career at the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs. According to the students of KhNUVS, the then dean Oleg Vasyliovych was repeatedly noticed in corrupt activities.

In 2012, he began his career as a public assistant to the odious and now deceased Iryna Berezhnaya, a People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions. In 2014, she distinguished herself by supporting ex-president Yanukovych, calling the events of the Revolution of Dignity a coup d’état. She denied the annexation of Crimea, the participation of the Russian army in the war in Donbas, protested against the change of the Soviet names of settlements and streets to Ukrainian and neutral ones, and did not approve of Ukraine receiving a visa-free regime from the EU. Synegubov does not comment on his work for the odious ex-regional woman.

In 2015, it was Oleg Synegubov who was the lawyer who defended Kharkiv pharmacies, which probably sell narcotic drugs. Then the representatives of the right-wing radical organizations began to attack the outlets, who were told about the situation by local residents, because they were tired of watching drug addicts near their houses

Synegubov was called the ultimate beneficiary during the implementation of corruption schemes involving the illegal cleaning of local rivers and illegal sand mining.

In 2019, during the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, he was the proxy of the candidate for People’s Deputies from the “Servant of the People” party in electoral district No. 180 of developer Oleksiy Krasov. The latter was an assistant to the OPZZhnik Roman Yarovoi, who became a key investor in the elections, and accordingly promoted his people to the necessary official seats. Thus, in November 2019, Oleg Synegubov was appointed the head of the Poltava Regional State Administration, and already in December 2021, he “received a promotion” and took the position of the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. According to information from various sources, Sinegubov got the positions in the Poltava and Kharkiv State Administrations thanks to the lobbying of Roman Yarovoi (former assistant to the people’s deputy from Feldman’s OPZZH).

Oleg Synegubov is also accused of corrupt connections with many big Poltava businessmen, in particular with Oleg Kulinych and Kostyantyn Kasai.


Currently, Synegubov acts as the founder of the following companies:

1) “NASINNYA SLOBOZHANSHYNY” LLC – wholesale trade in grain, unprocessed tobacco, seeds and animal feed. (head: probably the father of the head of Kharkiv OVA).
2) “SOBOLEV LAW COMPANY AND PARTNERS” LLC – activities in the field of law.
3) “SIBONEY SERVICE” LLC – consulting on commercial activity and management.
4) JSC “RASKOSOV LOYES GROUP” – activities in the field of law.
5) LLC “VIKATA” – purchase and sale of own real estate.


As the head of the Kharkiv RMA, Mr. Oleg earned almost 930 thousand hryvnias, his wife, who works at the KhNMU, received 308 thousand hryvnias, as well as social benefits in the amount of 10 thousand hryvnias.

Synegubov has 135,000 dollars and 330,000 hryvnias of monetary assets, his wife has 255,000 dollars and 645,000 hryvnias.

By the way, according to last year’s declaration. Oleg Synegubov sold apartments in Kyiv and Kharkiv (720,000 and 912,000 thousand UAH, respectively), as well as one of the cars, a 2010 Lexus LS 460 L for UAH 840,000, while Synegubov’s wife owns a 2010 Porsche Cayenne, although there is not a word about it in the 2022 declaration.

It is worth noting that this is only official information, which does not take into account the more obscure earnings of the head of Kharkiv RMA.

Theft of humanitarian aid

Residents of Kharkiv region, who suffer daily from rocket fire and occupation, do not have the necessary food, things, and personal hygiene products, should have received help from international partners, but a miracle did not happen.

About 60 trucks disappeared without a trace from the HOVA warehouse, and then suddenly appeared on the shelves of Rost, Klas and ATB supermarkets. The criminal scheme was foiled by Synegubov’s deputies – Vita Kovalska and Mykhailo Kharnam. Later, the persons involved were searched by NABU. Sinegubov said that in the event of any violations of the law, appropriate personnel decisions will be made immediately and other necessary measures will be taken.

Suspicions were not handed over to high-ranking officials. In the best Ukrainian traditions, the matter was hushed up, and Vita Kovalska bought herself a new Maybach, the value of which varies from 180,000 to 250,000 euros, Mykhailo Harnam became the owner of a new Audi, which, according to sources, he then gave to his lover.

More about the robbery of Kharkiv RMA humanitarian aid in the video: 


Avoidance of mobilization

Oleg Synegubov actually heads the Shlyakh system, which allows male drivers or volunteers to legally cross the border under martial law. First of all, the system was created to eliminate corruption during the issuance of permits and simplify border crossing. Do you think it was successful?

The “Shlyakh” works only in the opposite direction. Each of the permits “passes” past the head, who in turn certifies the documents.

Only until April 2023, 4,656 permits were issued in the Kharkiv region, currently there are no updated statistical data. Most of the men of draft age did not return from their volunteer mission. So, how much did the “one-way ticket” cost?

In 2024, law enforcement officers exposed a conspiracy by officials of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration. In particular, a group of officials of the Kharkiv City Council engaged a number of volunteers of a particular charitable foundation, on behalf of which men were illegally trafficked abroad. The information was entered into the “Shlyakh” system, and the passes were personally certified by the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration.

For some reason, however, Mr. Synegubov does not appear in law enforcement reports. According to the investigation, the group helped 19 men to obtain Shlyakh passes, who did not return to the country. The cost of this service is estimated by the security forces at about 60,000 UAH per person. However, in fact, it is about 3-5 thousand dollars per person and not 19 men.

This time, not only Belyavtseva, who was on vacation, but also Kovalska’s deputy, Nelly Kazanzhiyeva, head of the Kyiv district of the Kharkiv RMA, Danylo Kyslyy, a member of the Kharkiv district council, and Mark Serdyuk, deputy director of the Safe Sky charity foundation, were served with suspicion notices. However, there is again no mention of Mykhailo Harnam, who has personally become the director of a dozen NGOs and charitable foundations since the beginning of the invasion. The activities of which are completely fictitious. And, of course, NABU and SBI have forgotten about Synegubov again.

We sent inquiries to Kharkiv RMA, the Ministry of Infrastructure and other regulatory authorities to obtain information about the persons and organizations that were granted Shlyakh passes in 2023-2024. In particular, information on the purpose, volume of cargo and route of such trips. According to the information received from Kharkiv RMA, from January to April 2024, more than 3 thousand applications were generated. At the same time, 270 people managed to officially leave. In addition, Kharkiv RMA provided a list of companies that reported on the volume of cargo and vehicles. But how real are most of these funds and organizations? Interestingly, Kharkiv RMA does not provide any other information. For example, how many of these volunteers returned to Kharkiv?

The embezzlement of funds for the reconstruction of Kharkiv region

According to fairly rough estimates, the Russians partially or completely destroyed about 30,000 infrastructure facilities in the Kharkiv region.

Accordingly, most of them need to be restored. For these purposes, billions of hryvnias are allocated from the budget and funds of international funds, which end up in the hands of the head of Kharkiv RMA Synegubov.

In the future, specialized departments, for example, the Department of Capital Construction of Kharkiv RMA, sign contracts with controlled enterprises, which actually belong to OPZZhshnyk Abramovych and the head of the “Servant of the People” faction, Davyd Arahamiya. The system includes ALC “Trest “Zhytlobud-1”, ALC “Zhytlobud-2”, LLC “Project Alliance”, Palmaz-group, Athena-group LTD, Golden and K and others

Further, the companies conclude fictitious contracts with others, as a result of which budget funds are transferred to the pockets of OCG members, and accordingly to Mr. Synegubov.

We have submitted dozens of applications to law enforcement and competent authorities, including the head of Kharkiv RMA Synegubov. Dozens of criminal proceedings have been opened, but all these materials are fruitfully lying on the shelves of one or another pre-trial investigation body.

That is why we see that Oleg Synegubov, having vast experience in the law enforcement structure, is involved in a criminal conspiracy, providing kickbacks for maintaining a “decent” reputation and avoiding responsibility, looting funds from the budget to the last hryvnia.

More about embezzlement of reconstruction funds in the investigation.

Synegubov’s ties to Avakov

Synegubov is also quite close to Avakov’s entourage. This can be explained by the connection between the head of Kharkiv RMA and Vladyslav Plaksin. The former head of Kharkiv Arena is now a freelance adviser to Sinegubov himself, who fulfills all of the latter’s whims. Including those related to suppressing publicity and noise around his boss. In fact, Plaksin himself turned out to be a complete failure, because after receiving power over the Kharkiv Arena from Avakov’s people after Kurchenko, he finally let it go to the bottom. Currently, the man buys advertising and jeans in telegram channels for Synegubov. On the latter’s instructions, Plaksin can order an attack on activists and get cash for his boss.

However, it is surprising that a person like Vladislav is still trusted to resolve and settle some issues. And not because of his effective personal qualities, but because of his sycophancy and pleasing his “customers.” Vlad is a typical scam artist who has found a good environment for communication and camaraderie. We do not recommend doing business with him.

Deforestation and sand mining

Let’s not forget about Synegubov’s ties to Servant of the People MP Yakymenko. At the beginning of the full-scale campaign, these two, along with Krasov, created the image of fierce philanthropists. No box was left without a photo with the men. Now the era of volunteerism is over, which means they can continue to extract sand without authorization. Thus, Kharkivnerudprom, controlled by Yakymenko, has been engaged in massive sand mining near the village of Vilkhivka for a long time. In his turn, Synegubov turns a blind eye to this and vice versa – he initiates signing agreements with the MP’s structures for further embezzlement of the budget.

Thanks to Synegubov, Dmytro Shentsev continues to have influence in the region. He is an odious former MP from the OPFL, who is still considered the largest landowner in Kharkiv region. Shentsev continues to influence the deforestation and sale of forests in Kharkiv region, as well as successfully manipulate state-owned enterprises, driving them into bankruptcy.

In fact, Synegubov surrounded himself with former OPFL elites, using their resources for his own purposes. Instead of actually fighting the influence of pro-Russian politicians on the frontline region.


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