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Oleksandr Spector is a businessman originally from Chernivtsi, who is among the top 100 richest people in wartime. He is in charge of the well-known Senator business center, part of the Blockbuster Mall and a number of legal entities, including:

PARK OF CULTURE LLC: the main activity is the operation of restaurants, provision of mobile catering services. One of the co-owners is Mikhail Meytin, a citizen of the Russian Federation.

FOOD PROJECT LLC: the main activity is the provision of rental and operation of own or leased real estate. The company is registered at the mass registration address along with 53 other companies.

CITY COMFORT FOOD LLC: the main activity is the operation of restaurants, provision of mobile catering services. A new company, as it was founded 9 months ago.

KIEVKHIMPOSTACH PJSC: the main activity is the construction of residential and non-residential buildings. One of the co-owners is a Russian citizen.

GAME PROJECT LLC: the main activity is the operation of attractions and theme parks. The company had owners from Russia as of 02/23/2022.

BC PARUS LLC: the principal activity is the leasing and operation of own or leased real estate. Once again, the co-owners are from Russia and registered at the address of mass registration together with 57 companies.

INVESTBUD GARANT LLC: the main activity is the construction of residential and non-residential buildings. For 4 years now, the company has been operating in the red, in particular: in 2020, net profit amounted to UAH 299,016,000, in 2021 – UAH 250,666,000, in 2022 – UAH 597,990,000, in 2023 – UAH 451,630,000. However, it is this legal entity that owns the corporate rights of Blockbuster Mall LLC.

PJSC “CLOSED NON-DIVERSIFIED VENTURE CORPORATE INVESTMENT FUND ‘RENTAL’: the main activity is trusts, funds and similar financial entities. The major shareholder is Private Limited Liability Company northwalk AB (Sweden), which again had owners of Russian origin.

Relations with Vagif Aliyev

Vagif Aliyev is a real estate developer who can be described by many adjectives with the prefix “most”: the largest, the most ambitious, the most cunning. The man is considered to be the largest owner of retail real estate in Kyiv, which he built with Russian funds. In particular, under his control: Mandarin Plaza, Lavina Mall, and Blockbuster Mall, each of which was funded by millions of shadowy investors from Russia.

Earlier, Vahif Aliyev personally admitted that he had Russian citizenship. In particular, during the opening of the Kyiv History Museum in 2012, he said:

“I am the consul of Chernihiv, I am a citizen of Russia. I am doing everything to ensure that only Ukraine and Russia have a business space, and we are doing everything for this. I am a consul in Chernihiv from the Russian state. Therefore, as a Russian citizen, I am doing everything to make Kyiv prosperous and to do as much as we Russians do on this territory.”

Вагиф Алиев: Только в Киеве мы строим 12 ТРЦ — Асоціація рітейлерів України

In 2021, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine allowed the Cypriot company Wayford Investments Limited to concentrate more than 50% of the votes in another Cypriot company Bitrex Limited. The latter owns many land plots, the Galaxy amusement park, and leases real estate. Thus, Spector became the owner of a part of Vahif Aliyev’s business.

Close cooperation with Aliyev was also evident in other business and personal matters. For example, at meetings and presentations, Spector usually appeared next to Aliyev.

And in February 2020, Aliyev handed over to him the Blockbuster Mall, which was completed behind schedule and then half-empty, with a total area of 300,000 square meters. According to various sources, the mall was built with money from “Ozero people” like Ilya Traber and Arkady Rotenberg, who are part of Putin’s inner circle.

Now, Aliyev formally shares part of the Blockbuster Mall with Spectrum. Why formally? Because there is a belief that the active sale of half of the mall to a close associate and business partner was aimed at concealing Russian sponsors. In fact, Spector is only a documentary player, while the real power still belongs to Russian citizens led by Aliyev.

Ties with oligarch Firtash

Spector is a longtime partner of Dmitry Firtash. In 2012-2014, he was in charge of Firtash’s agricultural enterprises and during the same period was an assistant to the Party of Regions MP Gennadiy Fedoryak.

To recap: Dmytro Firtash is one of the Ukrainian oligarchs who has been linked to numerous corruption schemes and Russian capital. After being accused of corruption, he has been living in Austria since 2014. During this time, Firtash has sold some of his assets, but remains a wealthy and influential player in Ukraine.

Фірташ Дмитро, ДОСЬЄ | Досьє

As you can see, Spector’s scope of activity is quite broad, as are the connections he has made over the years in business. We continue to explore the Russian trace in Alexander Spector’s mega-successful business empire.