Polumysny Serhiy Valeriyovych

Власники "Агросвіт" збудували котеджне містечко на березі Печенізького водосховища

Sergiy Polumysny is a well-known Kharkiv-based businessman in the agricultural sector and the CEO of NOVAAGRO Group. He was born on July 1, 1976 in Kharkiv.


During 1993-1999 he studied at the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, qualification “Economist – manager”, in 2003 — graduated from the National University of Internal Affairs, qualified as a lawyer.

Currently, Polumysny is the general director of one of the leading companies in the agricultural industry of the Kharkiv region – NovaAgro.


The way to the chair of the general director of NovaAgro

Serhii Polumysny is a raider-businessman who became a vivid personification of human cynicism, the basis of partners and cooperation with terrorists. And although he started his career as a law enforcement officer, hoping to ensure law and order, the temptation to manage affairs on his own took over.

Therefore, the novice businessman Polumysny was engaged in the delivery of excise goods to the Russian capital. However, the man immediately had problems with the law, which he was helped to solve by Kharkiv businessman Oleksandr Buchich, who was gaining weight. It was Buchich who asked to “forgive the young man”, took him as a surety and accepted him in his agribusiness as a manager. Polumisny lived up to the guarantor’s expectations. Therefore, after some time Buchich decided to make him his partner.

In 2015, the former policeman became the general director of the Novaagro group of companies, but this news did not bring joy to Buchich. By modern standards, the owner of NOVАAGRO hides threads on the island of Cyprus. The company Novoagro Limited is registered in Nicosia under the name of Serhiy Polumysny. The production core of the business is called the Agrosvit holding company.

In the Kharkiv region, the company has a number of elevators, plants for the production of compound feed and cereals, an extensive warehouse, as well as a large fleet of trucks. The authorized capital of the holding company is 160 million hryvnias. A few years ago, an independent audit estimated the value of Agrosvit at 30 million euros. Factories worked day and night, processing 250,000 tons of grain annually.

The prospects for the future seemed simply wonderful. “Agrosvit” became the largest agro-industrial enterprise in the Kharkiv region, and now occupies a leading place in Ukraine. The story of Polumysny’s arrival “on top” of the business was as follows: both (both Buchich and Polumysny) registered two offshore companies in Cyprus. Later, the partners jointly established another offshore company – AgroSvit Limited. Initially, Polumisny had only 30% in the case, but then his shares gradually increased. A few years later, he already had 49%, and by 2015 he shared everything equally with Buchich. At that time, cooperation with Polumysny was beneficial for the guarantor businessman, because the former had good acquaintances in law enforcement agencies, which he obtained “remotely” during his studies at the police school.

Polumysny himself successfully carried out several combinations of seizing other people’s property, which is clearly criminal in nature. In 2009, after several conversations with him, Volodymyr Soroka, the owner of “Markos” PE, whose business ended up in the hands of Polumysny, died suddenly. A similar situation happened two years earlier with Volodymyr Sazonov, the head of the “Lozovenka” farm. Only the cause of death was not the rapid development of the disease, but suicide. The property of the suicide man miraculously passed to the agribusinessman.

Polumisny chose a good moment to attack his former benefactor and partner. Buchich took a little time off from business, recovering from an illness. Connections among officials and law enforcement agencies greatly helped Polumysny in the operation with Agrosvit. The chief “liquidator” appointed by him, Volodymyr Polukarb, turned out to be a fellow student of the head of the Justice Department of the Kharkiv region, who desperately hindered the adoption of a fair decision on the corporate conflict. Another element of the raider’s force “roof” turned out to be Major General of Militia Ihor Repeshko, who became a symbol of the corruption of law enforcement agencies for Kharkiv residents.

In April 2015, in secret from Buchich, a meeting of shareholders of APA “Agrosvit” LLC was held, at which a decision was made to liquidate the successful company. Polumysny justified himself by the fact that Buchich himself decided to destroy his child, specially taking an incomplete loan. Polumysny proposed to divide the business, but a single production body could not withstand such a step. Buchich did not want to buy or sell his shares. This is Polumysny’s version.

Guided by the decision to liquidate the company, Polumisny appointed his old acquaintance Volodymyr Parkulab to be responsible for carrying out all the necessary procedures and immediately began to actively withdraw money from Agrosvit to the accounts of companies controlled by him: Novaagro Ukraine LLC, Edelweiss Trading Scrap LLC, LLC “Trading house “Agrosvit”, PJSC “Sadovod”. He immediately used the withdrawn funds to purchase elevators in the Kharkiv and Luhansk regions.

Surprised by his partner’s betrayal, Buchich made several frantic attempts to reverse everything and cancel the illegal decision. The fact is that his share in “Agrosvit” is in the hands of the Cypriot offshore company AC Agro Capital Limited. Without Buchich’s consent, other shareholders have no right to make such important decisions. Buchich, meeting separately from Polumysny, held his shareholders’ meeting. He canceled the first decision and appointed Olena Lupinska to the position of General Director of Agrosvit. In response, he received an organized attack on the Kharkiv office of a group of hired “aunties”.

Buchich was forced to turn to the Commercial Court, but that’s where the surprise happened. Half-hearted, with a clear advantage, defeated him in the courtroom. At first, Andriy Yakovenko, the judge of the Kolomak district of the Kharkiv region, strangely did not want to delve deeply into the details of the lawsuit. Then Svitlana Shmatchenko, judge of the Kharkiv district of Kyiv, took over the baton. In the final, clearly bribed Supreme Court judge Serhiy Prokhorov made a decision that deprived Oleksandr Buchich of 70% of corporate rights. With his decision, Prokhorov caused damage to the co-owner in the amount of 111 million hryvnias.

Now, on paper, Polumysny became the owner of the entire large and profitable agricultural enterprise. Buchich had nothing left but to fight for the truth to the end. In the end, he won the courts. His ownership of half of “Agrosvit” was restored. Polumysny has one more counterattack left in his arsenal. With the help of Anastasia Petryk, an expert of the State Institute of Forensic, Economic, Legal and Technical Expert Research, everything returned to its original state. Polumysny clearly learned the lessons he was taught at the police school well.

While both sides are actively fighting in court sessions, Polumisny launched a propaganda campaign in the press, accusing Buchich of all mortal sins. According to him, everything looked as if the founder of the company “Agrosvit”, having finally “gone out of his mind”, specifically sought the bankruptcy of his child. In response to this, Polumysny presented an agreement on the acquisition of Kharkivteploenergo for 145 million hryvnias.

Polumysny’s business empire

Currently, Serhiy Polumysny owns a number of companies:

  1. OK “BUHTA”, the main type of activity – Comprehensive maintenance of objects.
  2. LLC “NOVAAGRO UKRAINE”, the main type of activity – Leasing and operation of own or leased real estate.
  3. LLC “TK “NOVATORG””, the main type of activity – Production of products of the flour-milling and groats industry.
  4. LLC “PK “NOVA””, main type of activity – Poultry breeding.
  5. “AGRONOVA” LLC, the main type of activity – Cultivation of grain crops (except rice), leguminous crops and oilseeds.

Connections with Shentsev and involvement in the export of agricultural products to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Shentsev is a well-known people’s deputy from the OPZZH, who “went down in history” a long time ago with his schemes, machinations, as well as connections with criminality and … Yanukovych. Now, under the “watchful eye” of the Shentsev-Polumysny coalition, Svitanok State Enterprise, CHUVYRINO State Enterprise IT NAAN State Enterprise, and Novopokrovsky KHP State Enterprise came under the watchful eye. Also, almost all elevators in Kharkiv region, including those located in the de-occupied part of the region, continue to work in both directions: racist and robbery.

Officials of the State Property Fund of Ukraine helped Shentsev and Polumysny to take over Svitanok SE, who facilitated the illegal use of land and the implementation of economic activities under fictitious contracts, and the highlight – the creation of fictitious accounts payable for the purpose of further assessing the value of the specified SE at a much lower price than market value, with the aim of further privatization of property and land belonging to the state-owned enterprise itself.

It is also interesting that when analyzing open data sources, some inaccuracies “emerged” that once again confirmed the thesis about Shentsev Polumysny’s cunning plans to “undermine” the affairs of Svitanok State Enterprise. Therefore, in 2021, the net income from the sale of products amounted to more than 21.5 thousand hryvnias, but already in 2022, the amount dropped sharply to 2 thousand. Coincidence or confirmation of criminal intent?

SE “DG “CHUVYRINO” IT NAAN” is also a victim of the Shentsev-Polumysny group. Officials of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, as well as local judges and arbitration managers, helped to take over this enterprise this time.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the State Enterprise “Chuvyrino State Technical University” and a number of other legal entities and individuals collected agricultural products – the wheat harvest from fields owned by other agricultural companies in the temporarily occupied territory of the Kharkiv region. And then, with the aim of its further implementation on the territory of the Russian Federation, they implemented the transportation of stolen agricultural food products by road vehicles owned by LLC “Marshal Trans” through the temporarily occupied territories of the Kharkiv region to the city of Belgorod.

In addition to all this, the State Enterprise “DG “CHUVYRINO” IT NAAS” is also under the sanctions of the National Security Council, the EU and a number of countries, such as: the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, which once again confirms illegal activities and cooperation with the occupiers headed by Shentsev.

And the last to be targeted by Shentsev-Polumysny was Novopokrovsky KHP. Now the public debt of the state-owned enterprise “Novopokrovsky KHP” now amounts to more than UAH 1.5 million!

Regarding the export of grain to the Russian Federation, this is also a manifestation of the cooperation of the Shentsev-Polumysny raider coalition. The elevators Hrakivskyi, Velikoburlutskyi, Shevchenkivskyi, and Kozacholopanskyi owned by Novaagro are located in the de-occupied territories. According to journalistic investigations, starting from August 2022, 5,569 tons of sunflower seeds were exported to Russia from the Velikoburlutsky elevator of Nova Agro LLC. Transportation was carried out to the city of Voronezh, the city of Valuyka, the city of Lyska of the Voronezh region, etc.

Wagons from the “Russian Railways” were waiting on the captured “Merchants’ Railway”, and a new crop was harvested even on the lands that remained without an owner.

First, the crop went to the elevators (transshipment bases) of Kolos LLC from Voronezh, Bychevinsky Elevator LLC from Lyska, Voronezh region, Sozvezdie LLC from Voronezh and Agro-Korm LLC from Valuyka Belgorod region. At the same time, each of these was registered specifically for stealing Ukrainian products. This is evidenced by open registers.

For example, the enterprise “Kolos” from Voronezh, which was used not only as a transshipment base for Ukrainian grain, but also was introduced to manage the property management administration, was created on July 12, 2022, just before the transportation of products. The main type of activity is listed as grain wholesale.

While “Sozvezdiye” LLC was created two days before the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, that is, on February 22 of this year. Among the types of activity of this company, the cultivation of grain, leguminous crops and oilseeds is indicated.

More about the figure of Polumysny and the involvement of NovaAgro in the export of Ukrainian grain to the territory of the Russian Federation in the investigation