Construction corruption

Ukrainians are increasingly becoming victims of the construction mafia. Instead of housing, investors get lost money, nerves, and years in court.

In addition to the traditional resale of apartments in residential complexes by developers, there are numerous cases of quick withdrawal of funds through offshore accounts and cryptocurrencies abroad. As a result, the advertised projects in Ukraine remain an unfinished dream, and the developer evaporates somewhere.

The second construction scam is the demand for additional payment for square meters after the housing is delivered. And the main one is when, at the construction stage, they promise to create infrastructure (schools, sports grounds, etc.), but in reality, at best, investors get parking lots for cars, and at worst, just another built “candle”.

How to protect yourself from fraudsters? There is no single secret. Before buying an apartment, you need to study and analyze the developer market in detail. And if you fall into the net of scammers, contact our Association for the Protection of Deceived Investors.