23.05.2024 Construction Corruption Kyiv

Kyiv is drowning in schemes of Klitschko and Komarnitsky

Denys Komarnytskyi was the leader of the Leonid Chernovetskyi Bloc faction in the Kyiv City Council in 2008-2010. In 2020, he made a triumphant reappearance in the public sphere after one of his deputies disclosed his personal computer data. That’s when it became known that in recent years Komarnitsky has been the main “supervisor” of the construction and utilities sectors in Kyiv.

Through his henchmen and proteges, Komarnytskyi supervises all relevant departments of the Kyiv City State Administration, Kyiv City Council commissions, and utility companies.

At the same time, Komarnitsky is closely linked to Klitschko’s right-hand man, who provides the businessman with communication with the mayor and the security forces, allowing the corruption system to function without interference.

Construction mafia and black cash in Kyiv

An extensive system of back offices operates in the city to keep track of developers and accumulate black money at construction sites. Their main function is to directly accept money for going through all the circles of permitting hell. At the same time, some of them are focused on communication with customers and primary processing of documents.

A number of interesting personalities work in these back offices, including Olena Marchenko, who is responsible for ensuring the functioning of such offices. Marchenko is a member of the Kyiv City Council from Batkivshchyna, a member of the Land Commission, and most importantly, Komarnytsky’s right-hand man.

It is worth noting that all interested people in Kyiv know that such back offices exist. This means that it is not a problem for NABU to find out their addresses and the names of their employees. In addition, if law enforcement officers want to understand the topic, they can always talk to Marchenko – she is a treasure trove of useful information. After all, it is through Olena Marchenko that Denys Komarnytskyi exercises tacit control over the departments and commissions involved in the construction scheme.

The Department of Construction and Housing of the Kyiv City State Administration is worth mentioning separately. It is responsible for the construction of all large municipal facilities where the largest sums are stolen. Nepop acts as Komarnytsky’s supervisor here, and for good reason. He knows all the schemes perfectly well and works for his master as efficiently as possible. He ensures full control over the largest municipal enterprises in the capital.

Chronicle of thefts at the construction of the Podil Bridge

Denys Komarnytskyi is the direct supervisor of the capital’s construction mafia. He is the person without whom no permits are issued in Kyiv.

Komarnytskyi is responsible for the symbol of Kyiv corruption, the Podilskyi Bridge, where his company Eco Bud Trade is the general contractor.According to law enforcement, the company has already stolen more than UAH 150 million. However, the SBU later reported that the theft of UAH 3 billion had been prevented.

Based on the results of the investigation, in May 2023, the prosecutor’s office submitted an indictment to the court against the head of Eco-Bud-Trade LLC on the fact of embezzlement of more than UAH 36 million through overstatement of the cost of work.

At the same time, the bridge is still under active construction, although it is used for official traffic.

In April 2023, the State Financial Monitoring Service checked the legality of the funds transferred in March-April 2023 to the accounts of Eco-Bud-Trade LLC and another company (Citylight Form LLC) for a total of UAH 407.95 million. These funds were also allocated for the completion of the Podilskyi Bridge.

The State Financial Monitoring Service established a scheme aimed at seizing the allocated budget funds by placing them on deposit accounts of controlled companies, repaying loans, using risky financial instruments such as “financial assistance” or “counter transits”, as well as involving business entities with signs of fictitiousness and “transit”.

Komarnitsky’s business structures

In addition to the infamous Eco-Bud-Trade, which was used to steal hundreds of millions of budget funds for the construction of the Podilskyi Bridge, Komarnytskyi also controls a number of other legal entities. For example, PJSC All-Ukrainian Research Institute of Analytical Instrumentation (abbreviated as Ukrainalit).

An analysis of the business activities of this company shows its active participation in public procurement procedures. In particular, among the largest tenders in which PrJSC “Ukranalit” participated in are:

  • Development of modernized technical means of the fire protection system of the An-148-100 aircraft (An-148-201 and An-158-100): control and management unit BCU-SPZ and alarm device SD
    Customer: ANTONOV Company (USREOU code 14307529)
    Amount: UAH 4 443 086.00.
  • Purchase of equipment for expansion of the network of measuring devices for automated monitoring of the state of atmospheric air in Brovary Instruments for measuring values, code DK 021:2015 – 38340000-0 (Instruments for monitoring pollution, code DK 021:2015 – 38344000-8) (local budget funds)
    Customer: Department of Inspection and Control of Brovary City Council of Kyiv Region
    Amount: UAH 3 077 400.00.

In addition, other legal entities controlled by Komarnytskyi are involved in schemes to embezzle budget funds by entering into fictitious contracts: OSOKORKI 7 LLC, BENZEL LLC, REALT LLC, KIY PLAZA LLC, PRESIDENT PUBLISHING HOUSE LLC, INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR LAW LLC, PERSPEKTIVA LLC, AND CENTER FOR ECONOMIC AND LEGAL DEVELOPMENT LLC.

According to our materials, the decision of the investigating judge of the High Anti-Corruption Court of 20.03.2024 (case No. 991/2203/24) obliged the authorized persons of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office to enter information into the URPTI, including information about the participation of PrJSC All-Ukrainian Research Institute of Analytical Instrumentation in public procurement.

Are Klitschko and Komarnitsky Bonnie and Clyde in the real estate market?

The media wrote: “Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko ‘signed a confession’, demanding that the prosecutor’s office return the money to the Eco-Bud-Trade company of his scandalous friend Denys Komarnytskyi.”

Thus, after the arrest of Eco-Bud-Trade’s funds (which were involved in a case of embezzlement of budget funds), the mayor sent an official letter to the head of the Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office, in which he complained about the blocking of funds on the accounts of utilities and contractors.

The mayor claimed that all inspections by law enforcement and regulatory authorities “did not reveal any violations” in the actions of the customer, the capital’s utilities.

Klitschko’s actions were not new. Kyiv circles have long known about Komarnytskyi’s ties to the mayor’s entourage. It is with the latter’s connivance that the “watchdog” for Kyiv has been running corruption schemes in the capital for a long time. Just think of the Podilskyi Bridge, where more than UAH 150 million was stolen with the mayor’s knowledge.

Now, it turns out that the new top management of Kyivmiskbud Holding Company consists of Komarnytskyi’s people. For reference, Kyivmiskbud is fully subordinated and controlled by Mayor Klitschko and is one of the largest developers in the capital.

We sent an appeal to the KCSA, KCIA and the Kyiv City Council with our demands:

  1. Take measures to prevent violations of investors’ rights and community interests in the activities of the Private Joint Stock Company “Holding Company ‘Kyivmiskbud’.
  2. To take measures to remove the entities controlled by Komarnytskyi D.S. and Komarnytskyi D.S. himself from the management of PrJSC HC Kyivmiskbud and its subsidiaries.

We are waiting for a reaction. I wonder how long Klitschko will cover up the activities of the construction mafia in the capital?

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