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How Gas, Electricity, and Strategic Enterprises of Ukraine Fell Under the Control of Russian Oligarchs

Oligarchs of Russian origin are seizing Ukrainian assets. Gas belongs to the Katsubas, the main sponsors of the propagandist Shariy and those who, at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, urged the heads of Kharkiv cities to surrender to Russian authorities. The Katsubas also control PJSC “Novoselivskyi GOK,” which engages in the extraction of minerals (sand, gravel, clay, and kaolin) and is a strategically important enterprise with potential use in the defense industry.

Fugitive Fuks and the Builder of Moscow City Fuks buys credit obligations of strategic objects for pennies and then bankrupts them. Furthermore, Fuks still owns a list of offshore companies that control gas companies in Ukraine. At the same time, his charity fund provides free hot meals to Kharkiv residents, building a line of volunteerism and a platform for Fuks’ return after the war.

Businessman Spector together with the former Speaker of the State Duma, the president of the CSKA football club, and a “reputable” Russian businessman, Spektor controls five Ukrainian oblenergos (regional energy distribution companies) that ensure the energy supply process.

The Shentsev family controls not only hundreds of hectares of land in the local landscape reserve “Novodonivskyi,” raiding state agricultural enterprises, but also funnels the proceeds through the well-known cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBit to fund terrorism.

Oligarch Yaroslavsky handed over a leading enterprise in the Kharkiv region specializing in glass production to a Turkish company. In April 2010, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine allowed the Kyiv company LLC “DCH,” owned by Yaroslavsky, to acquire a controlling stake in LLC “Merefian Glass Company.” After that, the plant underwent complete modernization, and net sales exceeded 134 million UAH.

Subsequently, in September 2010, the Dutch “Balsand B.V.,” acting in favor of the Turkish “Anadolu Cam Sanayii,” obtained permission to purchase a controlling stake (over 50% of the authorized capital), making the Turkish group of companies “Sisecam” the owner. In December 2014, the plant ceased its production activities.

This is a vivid example of how oligarchs hand over Ukrainian assets and strategic enterprises to anyone to make a greater profit. Now, the glass is not domestic but imported, and therefore the price is significantly higher.

We are beginning a detailed investigation into the activities and bankruptcy of LLC “Merefian Glass Company.” If you have any information about the circumstances, please write to us.

Incidentally, Yaroslavsky is an example of the group of oligarchs who, with the start of the war in 2014, did not lose a penny of their fortunes but instead increased them. Most of the businessman’s assets have been moved offshore or transferred to companies registered abroad (as was done with the Merefian Glass Company). Yaroslavsky currently lives in London, relaxing on the yacht Kaiser, which he promised to sell for 50 million euros to help the people of Kharkiv.

How can front-line Kharkiv withstand when oligarchs tear apart the city’s assets and enterprises, selling them in the interests of Russians, Turks, Poles, and other foreign companies?

Why have the assets of people with pronounced pro-Russian views not yet been seized? And why do the sanctions imposed by the NSDC mostly not work? Is it not clear that these businessmen will primarily facilitate the surrender of our cities to the Rashists?

Did you witness a crime?

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