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Failure of the defense of Kharkiv region. Ukraine is losing territory due to government corruption

Russian forces occupied 6 villages near Liptsy and Vovchansk – DeepState maps. We are talking about the seizure of Strilecha, Pylyne, Krasne, Borysivka, Ogirtseve and Pletenivka. Although the Defense Forces are heroically trying to stop the invaders, the situation in this area is incredibly difficult.

So where is the promised fortification? Where is the first line of defense? Where are the billions allocated by the government? Why were millions spent on reconstruction when the situation is repeating itself? Who is to blame for the loss of border villages?

Chronicle of thefts at the Kharkiv fortifications

The situation we have now is a consequence of the criminal indifference of not only local officials but also the central government. In particular, back in October 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated UAH 300 million to the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration for the construction of fortifications. In March 2024, Kharkiv region received UAH 4 billion to strengthen the border. Although a month ago, the head of the Kharkiv RMA, Synegubov, announced the final stage of earthworks and high construction rates, the reality is completely different.

Interestingly, in March, when the BES exposed a contractor company that tried to embezzle more than UAH 20 million of budget funds for the construction of fortifications in Kharkiv region, Sinegubov proudly declared his own non-involvement in such schemes, adding that: “It (the company) builds, it fulfills the contract”. Thus, he confirmed his unwillingness to terminate the contract.

According to the Bureau, the company has repeatedly won tenders and was supposed to receive more than UAH 240 million under the contract. Part of the funds were then transferred to the accounts of an individual entrepreneur registered in January 2024, who actually works as an administrator of a catering establishment, i.e. has nothing to do with construction. Later, after receiving the funds, the individual entrepreneur tried to transfer them to the account of a company that may be associated with the activities of so-called “conversion centers”.

A little later, it became known about the theft of more than UAH 51 million by an enterprise owned by the wife of the former deputy mayor of Kharkiv, Ihor Terekhov, Andrii Rudenko. The company supplied barbed wire for fortifications in the region and the city.

However, after Rudenko’s “voluntary dismissal” and the publication of the materials, the investigation stopped.

Once again, neither the Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine nor the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), NABU, nor even officials from the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Internal Affairs have ever come to Kharkiv to check the state of the fortifications. So maybe no one needed the fortifications?

Reconstruction of the border area and a lyceum for UAH 355 million

In addition to strengthening the border, the head of the Kharkiv RMA, as well as the mayor of Kharkiv, were rapidly engaged in the reconstruction of the region. At that time, the border towns and villages were also distributed. For example, in the village of Slatyn, 13 kilometers from Russia, it was decided to rebuild the local lyceum. The cost of the project was UAH 355 million. Of course, after the public discovered the estimate with 170 thousand UAH worth of bushes, the case gained resonance. And the Kharkiv authorities, represented by Yevhen Ivanov (deputy to Synegubov), announced the postponement of the road project until 2025.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend these 355 million UAH on building fortifications near Slatyn? Or is training much more important than security?

We have already prepared materials on this issue. Moreover, law enforcement agencies have initiated criminal proceedings, in particular:

  • The Prosecutor General’s Office registered the information in the URPTI under No. 42024000000000517 (Part 2 of Art. 191 of the CCU) and № 42024000000000518 (Part 2 of Art. 364 of the CCU),
  • The Kharkiv Region Main Department of the National Police attached the materials to the № 12024000000000127 (Part 1 of Art. 364 of the CCU). But is there any other result than formalities? Has the local initiators been served with a suspicion?


In addition to the aforementioned officials of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration and the City Council, central officials are also guilty of embezzlement at the Kharkiv fortifications. We are talking about David Arakhamia, who, in the interests of the “overseers” of Kharkiv region, Igor Abramovich and Roman Yarovoy, solves and “hides” all issues in the capital’s authorities. Even those that concern the lives and safety of millions of Ukrainians.

Each of these people is guilty of losing meter after meter of land in Kharkiv region, of the deaths of soldiers and civilians in the region.

We call on the political and military leadership to finally open their eyes and make personnel changes. How much longer can the uncontrolled theft and devaluation of lives continue? How much do we have to lose to finally realize?

Did you witness a crime?

Let us know about it. We will help protect the violated rights!

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