02.06.2024 Fortification Kharkiv

Construction of Fortifications in the Kharkiv Region by Companies with Russian Origins

The issue of fortifications remains a top priority for every frontline region. The rapid occupation of 10 settlements in the Kharkiv region by the Russians not only prompted a change in tactics and reinforcement of fortifications but also necessitated a review of the activities of the contractors. What if the fortification of the Kharkiv region was carried out by a company owned by Russian citizens? And who will be held accountable for the budget allocation and execution of work with zero effectiveness?

The Case

In the Kharkiv region, the Department of Housing and Communal Services and Fuel and Energy Complex of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration  is responsible for the construction of fortifications, defensive structures, and other objects of defensive significance. Since the beginning of July 2023, it has been headed by Eduard Yarovoy.

The procedure for selecting a contractor by the Department is not traditional, as it is conducted without a tender announcement, and thus without competition. The selection criteria for the contractor are also unknown. However, given certain factors, it becomes clear that each of the winning companies is in some way connected to the Kharkiv Regional State Administration leadership.

The largest construction company in Kharkiv, Zhytlobud-1, was involved in the construction of fortifications in the Kharkiv region, handling about 40% of these projects. Specifically, 1.73 billion UAH, allocated by the Service for the Restoration and Development of Infrastructure of the Kharkiv Region, were entirely given to Zhytlobud.

Another company responsible for building fortifications is LLC “Project Alliance,” which received a total of 933.47 million UAH for construction for the needs of the Territorial Defense and fortifications, as well as 33 million 375 thousand UAH for supplying construction materials for defense.

About “Project Alliance”

One of the owners of the company is the former director of the Department of Economy and International Relations of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration and ex-deputy of the Kharkiv City Council, Andriy Kolos. Kolos is now a member of the executive committee and previously represented the notorious OPZZh.

However, the intriguing point is elsewhere. For instance, until 2023, after the full-scale invasion had begun and after Project Alliance had already received contracts from Kharkiv Regional State Administration, the company still included Ihor Rozhkov, a Russian citizen and successful businessman with companies in Russia (LLC “Promdesign,” “Technoengineering,” and “Belgorod Promtransproject”). His brother, Mykyta Rozhkov, was once a deputy of the Kharkiv District Council.

After information about the possible “Russian trace” of the Rozhkovs became public, the list of Project Alliance owners changed.

We have been investigating the activities of “Project Alliance” for more than a year, collecting materials, sending them to the controlling authorities, and obtaining results (for example, the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv, No. 757/1642/24-k dated 31.01.2024, ordered the Office of the Prosecutor General to enter information into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations, and the Moskovskyi District Court of Kharkiv, No. 643/318/24 dated 23.01.2024, ordered an investigation to be initiated by the authorized persons of the Saltivka District Prosecutor’s Office).

However, this has not prevented “Project Alliance” from receiving millions. More details are in the investigation.

Slobozhanska Construction Company 1 (SBK-1)

SBK-1, which also specialized in building defensive fortifications, is worth mentioning. Its owner and director is Viktor Lymarenko. In the first six months of its existence, the owners included former Kharkiv City Council deputy Andriy Kolos, Mykyta Rozhkov, Oleksandr Sorochynskyi (co-owner of LLC “Project Alliance”), and Andriy Strogyi.

The history of SBK-1 began at the end of 2022. Immediately after its creation, the firm received an order from KHOVA, for which almost 82.4 million UAH was paid. For fortifications alone, SBK-1 received more than 19 million UAH.

SBK-1 was also involved in an NABU case, where a scheme chain was uncovered: LLC “SBK-1” transferred 77.3 million UAH to the account of intermediary LLC “Inter-Kanat” as payment for building materials. Then LLC “Inter-Kanat” paid 48.9 million UAH to the manufacturer of barbed wire and three rope suppliers. Another 1.4 million UAH was spent on transporting the ordered products.

Investigators calculated that the difference between the funds received by LLC “Inter-Kanat” from LLC “SBK-1” and transferred to the suppliers of barbed wire and ropes, taking into account transportation costs, amounted to 27 million UAH. Furthermore, NABU believes that the markup in this 27 million UAH reflects a significant price increase for the product paid for by Kharkiv Regional State Administration officials.

Interestingly, we highlighted the SBK-1 case and its subordination to KHOVA Deputy Head Syniehubov in a video.

Meanwhile, the Territorial Department of the State Bureau of Investigation in Poltava conducted a pre-trial investigation within criminal proceedings No. 620231700200000666 dated 11.04.2023. But where are the results?


In total, SBK-1 and Project Alliance received 1 billion 68.3 million UAH from the Kharkiv authorities!

A company that had Russian owners and a company already featured in an NABU case. A perfect combo for building fortifications, isn’t it?

Why do law enforcement officers, the head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Synehubov, the overseer of Kharkiv Abramovich, and top capital official Arahamiya seem completely indifferent to the deliberate weakening of the region’s defenses? Have they already prepared their places in sunny resorts, where they will flee at the first opportunity?

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