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Arakhamia is a harborer of billion-dollar corruption, and Kubrakov is a NABU agent? How politicians are emptying the budget during the war

Although Kubrakov, the Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine, has already left the CMU, echoes of his activities can still be found.

In his “farewell” post, the minister said that the decision to dismiss him had not been discussed with him, and he did not even bother to list his achievements at the head of the mega-ministry, limiting himself to general phrases about “years of joint work” and “a long way.” At the same time, Kubrakov made a remark that he had traveled this path with the vast majority, hinting that he had not been on the same page with everyone.

Apparently, the circle of those with whom Kubrakov shared the road included Kharkiv officials, thanks to whom we now have a gap in the budget and an absolute lack of results from the fortification (strengthening) of the region, the reconstruction and repair of roads.

The essence of the case

Kharkiv authorities shamelessly hand out millions of dollars in contracts to newcomers, firms with no experience in performing similar work, and companies controlled by “their” people.

For example, more than UAH 109 million was given to REGION-BUD LLC, which undertook to repair roads in the region. In particular, at the entrance to the village of Semenivka and the station of Vodyane-Rizunenkovo.

PSK Energobud LLC was entrusted with the work of restoring electricity supply, and it received more than UAH 17 million.

And most interestingly, GOLDEN & K PE has become almost a monopolist in the market of reconstruction, repair of heating networks, ventilation and roofing works, having already won more than 60 tenders and extracted more than one million from the budget.

Each of these companies demonstrates the activities of conversion centers, with dozens of controlled and affiliated companies involved.

For example, neither REGION-BUD, nor PSK Energobud, nor GOLDEN & K PE have sufficient fixed assets, workers, equipment, economic facilities, fixed assets, which is why they cannot actually fulfill the contracts they have concluded and are used only as transitory budget funds. Would you agree that it is possible to carry out capital repairs without the appropriate equipment? With the hands of 2 employees?

The legal entities do not have enough industrial capacities and employees to fulfill the contracts, which indicates criminal activity of these legal entities aimed at withdrawal, legalization, and misappropriation of budget funds.

In addition, the analyzed supply chains revealed enterprises with risky features, which is another signal on the way to a conversion center controlled by local authorities.

Traditionally, procurement with the “right” companies is conducted without an auction, as there is only one participant.

And, of course, the most interesting thing is the estimate. Here you can find bushes for 5 thousand UAH, and paint for 600 UAH, while the market price for the same product is 300 UAH. Later, the balance is not returned to the budget, but goes into pockets.


And while Deputy Prime Minister Kubrakov is now free to perform his official duties, his accomplices in the theft are still “at the trough.”

Oleg Synegubov, who is free from excuses for the lack of fortifications and serving time in Poltava, is still planning to make a final push into the budget, taking the amount that will ensure a comfortable life after his eventual release. And his “lord” Roman Yarovoy continues to promote not only Oleh, but also his servant Oleksiy Krasov, for whom he also has grandiose plans.

David Arakhamia is still watching the developments. His main mission – to hide the thefts and protect them from publicity – has already been fulfilled. Therefore, now, if law enforcement agencies do become interested in the case, Arakhamia will have enough time to change his shoes.

And we should not forget about the management of STATEENTERPRISE ROADSOFTHEKHARKIVREGION (SE ROADSOFTHEKHARKIVREGION), JSC Kharkivoblenergo, JSC UOP, which directly announced the procurement.

Performance results

Traditionally, after collecting the materials, we sent them to law enforcement agencies. As a result, the Kyiv City Police Department initiated an investigation in proceedings № 12024100000000587 under Part 2 of Article 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Interestingly, at first, law enforcement officers were in no hurry to examine the materials. However, after receiving a binding ruling from the Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Kyiv, they immediately reported on the registration of the information in the URPTI.

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